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Draw-over Anaesthetic Equipment
Anaesthesia News, July 2018, pages 7-8
Innovation award winning oxygen reservoir
Anaesthesia News, May 2017, Issue 358, R Neighbour and C Newman
Intensive care medicine in rural sub-Saharan Africa
Anaesthesia. 2017 Feb;72(2):181-189. doi: 10.1111 Dünser MW, Towey RM, Amito J, Mer M.
Continuous Postitive Airway Pressure in low income countries
Anaesthesia News February 2016 Issue 343 Neighbour R, Eltringham R, Reynolds C, Meek J.
The Environmental Impact of the Glostavent Anaesthetic Machine.
Anesthesia and Analgesia. June 2015, Vol 120 (6):1264-1270. RJ Eltringham & RC Neighbour.
An Oxygen Reservoir for Use in Difficult Environments
Anaesthesia News May 2015, 19-20. RJ Eltringham & RC Neighbour.
Sevoflurane for analgesia - testing a modified vaporiser for delivery
Anaesth Intensive Care July 2015. 43:4 518-527. LA Miller, H Makins, R Eltringham & R Neighbour.
The Environmental Impact of the Glostavent® Anesthetic Machine.
Anesthesia & Analgesia, June 2015 - Volume 120 - Issue 6 - p 1264–1270.
Evaluation of oxygen concentrators for use in countries with limited resources
Published in Anaesthesia, 2013, 68: 706-712 By D.Peel, R Neighbour & RJ Eltringham
A History of the Glostavent
Published in Anaesthesia News, November 2013, 316: 18-20 by Roger Eltringham.
Oxygen concentrator-driven bubble CPAP
WHO Compendium of of innovative health technologies for low-resource settings, 2011-2013, page 36
The Diamedica portable anaesthetic machine: a comparison with the Triservice Apparatus
Published in Anaesthesia International, Spring/Summer 2012, 19-22 by BP Huntley, R Neighbour & RJ Eltringham.
Modification of a draw over vaporizer for use with sevoflurane.
Published in The British Journal of Anaesthesia, 2012, 108(5): 763-767, by T Payne, R Neighbour & R Eltringham.
Portable Diamedica Glostavent: an anaesthetic machine for the itinerant anaesthetist
Published in British Journal of Anaesthesia, 2012, 109(4):648-649
Modification of Diamedica draw over anaesthetic equipment to facilitate introduction to an Australian teaching hospital.
Published in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, 2011, 294:8-10. By RJ Burstal & S Threlfo.
Diamedica Portable Anaesthetia machine. Clinical use in Rwanda / Uganda.
Published in World Anaethesia News, March 2010, by Dr Isabeau Walker.
The Portable Glostavent - access to safe anaesthesia in remote areas
Appropriate Healthcare Technologies 2010, by R Eltringham & R Neighbour.
A new valve for draw-over anaesthesia
Published in Anaesthesia. 2010 Nov; 65(11):1080-4 by S Payne, R Tully & R Eltringham.
The portable Glostavent: a new anaesthetic machine for use in difficult situations
Published in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care. 2010 Nov;38(6):1085-9 by R Tully, R Eltringham, IA Walker & AJ Bartlett.
A Comparison of Inhalational Anaesthesia Costs.pdf
Published in Anaesthesia Points West 2009 by Matthew Drake.
The Diamedica Draw-Over Vaporizer: a comparison of a new vaporizer with the Oxford Miniature Vaporizer.
Published in Anaesthesia. 2009 Jan;64(1):84-92 by WA English, R Tully, GD Muller, RJ Eltringham.
An assessment of the efficiency of the Glostavent ventilator.
Published in Anaesthesia. 2009 Aug;64(8):899-902 by TM Baile, S Webster, R Tully, R Eltringham & C Bourdeaux.
A plea for realism in Africa
Published in World Anaesthesia News, Vol 10 (2008) by Dr Frank Boni in Ghana
Anaesthesia equipment for resource poor environments
Published in Anaesthesia, 2007 by B.A. McCormick & R.J. Eltringham
Improving the efficiency of the drawover anaesthetic breathing system.
Published in Anaesthesia. 2007 Nov; 62(11):1171-4 by M Eales, P Rowe & R Tully.
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