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Safe anaesthesia and respiratory solutions for limited resource settings

Customer feedback

"How refreshing to have a manufacturer who appreciates and is willing to support our efforts"
Departments of Anaesthetics and Intensive Care, John Hunter Hospital, Australia
"I know of no other company that offers the support and backup that you personally do. You are truly driven to make a difference to the lives of those in developing countries, just wonderful"
Bansang Hospital Appeal, Gambia
"Samaritan's purse sends out help to many of these hospitals worldwide, very frequently and usually it is you who offer the right equipment for the job.  Anaesthesia is far behind most surgery in most places I go"
St Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, Ontario
"We are mightily impressed with the way you have executed this transaction....and deeply grateful. Since we moved into the not for profit sector we hear so many words, but witness so many disappointments on the ground. You guys appear to have executed this project perfectly. Thank You"
The DAK Foundation, Glostavent to Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda
"The work you do makes a real difference in my work as a missionary surgeon and directly impacts the lives of the Malawian people. We did over a thousand surgeries last year. Zero deaths in the theatre. Zero anaesthesia catastrophes. Zero morbidities due to anaesthesia. Part of that success is due to you and the Glostavent"
Malamulo Hospital, Malawi
"I just wanted to say on behalf of Mothers of Africa how fantastic it has been to have your support for Phebe Hospital in Liberia. I know that the availability of the oxygen concentrator, baby CPAP machine and the ventilator will help the staff there to save many many lives and perform safe life improving surgeries"
Mothers of Africa, Liberia
"The first feeling of our anaesthetist is positive, the system is well designed for developing countries without O2 bottles and permanent 230V sources, easy to use, based on a technology suitable for local medical and maintenance people, and well secured by the implemented energy back up"
Medics Without Vacation, Congo