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Safe anaesthesia and respiratory solutions for limited resource settings


Safe Anaesthesia for Mongolia

Publication date: 16 Oct 2017

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Safe Anaesthesia for Mongolia

Journalist Jane Feinmann returned last year from Mongolia with a mission - to provide appropriate anaesthesia machines suitable for use in hospitals in rural areas of Mongolia. Almost one million Mongolians live in remote areas and cannot easily access emergency surgery. Today, Jane launches a new fundraising appeal to coincide with World Anaesthesia Day, 16 October.

Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world. Almost half of the population reside in rural areas and live a nomadic lifestyle. Deserts and mountains coupled with the extremes of weather are significant obstacles to road building and impede transport of patients in need.

Jane is aiming to raise funds to supply twenty Diamedica Glostavent Portable Anaesthesia Machines (DPA02) which can function even in the basic conditions and are ideal for use in remote regions of Mongolia. The appeal is being co-ordinated with the assistance of Mongolian anaesthetist, Dr Ganbold Lundeg, pictured below with his first portable machine, and Dr David Pescod, an Australian doctor who has spent over a decade training anaesthetists in Mongolia.


To learn more please visit the website: https://www.safeanaesthesiamongolia.co.uk/ 

You can donate online via TheBigGive

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