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Safe anaesthesia and respiratory solutions for limited resource settings

Training and Support

At Diamedica we believe in giving end users the right tools for the job. This means supplying customers with equipment that meets their needs and is fit for purpose. It also means ensuring that set up of equipment is available should it be required.  Diamedica can provide training to ensure customers know how to operate our equipment, how to service and maintain it, in order to get the most from it.
Diamedica’s commitment to our customers

  • To provide equipment that is fit for purpose and meets customers’ specific needs.
  •  To discuss requirements and answer queries so that customers understand and have confidence in our products.
  • To provide training for medical and technical personnel to enable them to maximise the potential of the equipment, safely and economically.
  • To provide free, ongoing after sales support via email or telephone for as long as the customer has their equipment.


Our equipment comes with an operation manual and there is a full range of training videos on this website. CLICK HERE to visit the Product Support videos page.

There are a number of further options available for training:

  • Diamedica can arrange individualised training in country. We travel extensively each year to deliver training and support to customers around the world.  
  • We regularly teach on independent workshops and courses for medical and technical staff in Africa, Europe and Canada.
  • Training can be organised for pre-arranged visitors to our UK facility.
  • Diamedica hold full-day training workshops in the UK. If you would like to be informed of forthcoming training opportunities, then please contact us. Email info@diamedica.co.uk

To watch a video about the Diamedica Training Day please CLICK HERE

Please note, we cannot fund expenses, travel or accommodation costs to attend training events.

Should you experience a problem with any Diamedica equipment please contact us immediately for support. Our equipment is designed to be simple to maintain and service. We always do our best to keep equipment working, so please contact us by telephone or email for advice.